Business Development & Account Executive

Job description


  1. Responsible for day to day management of existing clients
  2. Building strategic relationship with existing clients to ensure high delivery of services
  3. Working with internal and external stakeholders to identify and promote areas with potential for revenue generation to cross-sell, upsell services to either existing or new clients
  4. Support Business Development Director and/or Manager in pre-sales research, presentation preparation and pitching for new clients.
  5. On-boarding new clients to familiarize and trust Isentia’s value proposition.
  6. Seek and develop your own prospecting and client pipeline in order to win new clients on either SaaS or VAS solutions.

Other support responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Working with internal stakeholders to strategize on the best methodology/frameworks to meet clients’ objectives.
  • Being continually informed about offline and online developments/buzz about our clients and to be able to be a trusted advisor to clients.
  • Work closely with Marketing and Insights functions to increase Isentia’s competitive presence in the market place.
  • Product Thought Leadership opinion articles routinely to lend your perspective on Digital Marketing and Social Media landscape.
  • Maintain and improve on positive NPS (client survey) scores from clients.




  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in Business (preferably in marketing) or related discipline
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in business development, account management and/or client serving roles with proven track record of strong client servicing.
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent presentation skill – both visually and vocally
  • Experience in media research and analytics (traditional and/or social media) is essential and can also be in the form of being:
    • Market researchers with media related exposure
    • Individuals with media planning, media related solutions or digital marketing background and have some basic familiarity around data analysis
  • Experience in consulting or client-side background will be advantageous
  • Highly-motivated, results-driven and receptive to dynamic changes
  • The ability to prioritize multiple projects and juggle tasks to meet deadlines